Bathroom Designs

The bathroom designers at Newboda can help you design the ultimate bathroom.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Newboda, specialising in bathroom designs, can help transform bathrooms into artistic masterpieces that look beautiful, feel invigorating, and feature the latest bathroom design ideas.

To begin with Layout

We propose the best layout according to:

  • Practical
  • Functionality
  • Budget
  • Style

We are not just renovating bathrooms, we make bathrooms a work of art.

Not everyone has the budget for a luxurious grand bathroom. Nevertheless, at Newboda we can still help you make a beautiful bathroom within your budget. Often planning and decorating a bathroom without a designer can be challenging. Newboda provides clients with bathroom design advice and solutions in Melbourne. From the selection of tiles, fixtures, and joinery fittings, we listen to our clients to help achieve a bathroom transformation that suits your style of home.

We proudly offer bathroom design services to anyone who requires advice on how to get the most out of the space available to them and bring their ideas to life. Before any actual renovation work begins, we will work closely with our clients to ensure the appropriate selections have been made. Whether you are redesigning a bathroom from scratch or simply rejuvenating an existing bathroom to give it a refresh, we can provide the assistance and support you need.

Bathroom Renovations
Bathroom Designs
Bathroom Design Ideas
Bathroom Designs

To choose the perfect tile combinations

We provide tile selection ideas according to:

  • Your home interior style
  • The size of bathroom
  • The height of bathroom
  • Your budget
  • Tile trends
  • Maintenance and safety

How We Can Help

We recommend suppliers for your visit according to:

  • Color scheme
  • Style scheme
  • The quality of the accessories
  • Your budget
  • Fittings trends

Not everyone has the budget for a luxury bathroom, but that doesn’t mean your bathroom can’t be beautiful nonetheless. It can be easier to renovate a bathroom and stay on budget with the help of a professional designer. Fortunately, we offer complementary assistance and can go over your options to formulate strategies that strike a balance between your dreams and what you can realistically achieve with your available budget. We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with the bathroom designs in modern or traditional styles we recommend based on your goals and financial circumstances.

From small bathroom renovation ideas to large bathroom ideas and everything in between, there’s nothing we can’t help you with. To begin with, we propose the best layout according to aesthetic appeal, functionality and budget. We can also help you select tiles based on the interior style of your home, the size of the bathroom, current trends, and maintenance. In addition, we’ll recommend suppliers for materials according to colour scheme, surrounding décor, and current trends. During this process, we’ll review the selections to ensure they suit your budget and preferences.

Bathroom Designs

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