Landscaping Construction

Landscaping Construction Melbourne

When it comes to constructing your garden, our skilled landscape construction team is dedicated to providing high-quality workmanship and strong attention to detail. The landscaping process changes depending on the size of the area, and it consists of six steps:

Prepare the area – Removing undesirable components such as weed-infested lawn, tree trunks, or even a deck that will be rebuilt.
Construct hardscapes – Paths, patios, retaining walls, sheds and other artificial components are examples of hardscapes.
Plant softscapes – The trees, shrubs, grass, and plants within the landscape are known as softscape components.
Install accessories – Landscape accessories cover a wide range of elements, from recycled rubber paths and artificial grass to local lighting and irrigation systems.
Apply the finishing touches – Spreading mulch, trimming overgrown plants, and occasionally weaving vines surrounding garden arches are just some of the softscapes that our team does.
Clean up – After double-checking our work, our team will clean up the entire landscape.