Gas Appliance Repair

Gas Appliance Repair

Ensure your Gas Safety with Newboda

If you need to get your gas appliance repaired, Newboda Services is here for all your gas safety needs, such as gas heater safety check and other gas appliance repair services.

A qualified gas fitter must be inspected at least every two years by ALL Victorian investment properties. Faulty gas heaters and appliances can leak harmful carbon monoxide. As a matter of fact, carbon monoxide is an odourless gas that can be dangerous if consumed. Hence, gas appliance repairs are really important to all households.

 Don’t overlook Gas Heater Safety Check

Do you know that gas appliances are the cause of carbon monoxide leaks? Here is a list of mistakes when it comes to gas appliances.

  • Have defective heading units.
  • No regular servicing or maintenance.
  • Older model appliances that doesn’t really burn all the gas
  • Do not have the key parts to repair or replace.

Now you know that your gas heater and other other appliances need to be checked regularly.