Smoke Alarm Solutions

Smoke Alarm Solutions

Smoke Alarm Services

For residential premises, Newboda Services provides various smoke alarm solutions, including smoke alarm testing, fire alarm solutions and other smoke alarm services.

We provide smoke alarm servicing and compliance assurance. As we all know, it’s the legal responsibility of all property owners and tenants to install, manage and maintain the smoke alarms to make sure it’s working properly. Therefore, precautions like smoke alarm testing is essential to every households in Melbourne.

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We offer a comprehensive set of smoke alarm services to ensure compliance, including:

  • Comprehensive smoke alarm testing, servicing and replacement when needed (smoke alarms have the lifespan of 10 years).
  • Comprehensive smoke alarm compliance report, to prove that you have met your legal requirements as a residential rental provider.
  • Free replacement of battery smoke alarms that are expired or malfunction.
  • Free call out for hardwired alarm replacements.
  • Unlimited number of visits to each property throughout a 12-month period as well as smoke alarms serviced per property.
  • Rapid response for urgent jobs knowing that SASS protects your property and tenants.